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Help Hong Kong restore is glory?

Help Hong Kong restore is glory?

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Open your eyes.

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Ok, so I’ve just this second finished watching this film and had to come on here to talk about it. It’s original title is “Yamada: The Samurai of Ayothaya” but, of course, it was renamed “Muay Thai Warrior” for western audiences/

It’s really fucking good. If you like your films with “Ong Bak” syle choreography but without the cheese and with a really decent story then I think you’ll like this one.
The fights are brutal, the cinematography beautiful and the plot doesn’t fall by the wayside at all.
It does have a few issues with weird, blurry slow motion and awful CGI blood but if you can look beyond that, you’ll be good to go. Granted, the film isn’t all action but this isn’t a Tony Jaa film. This is the thinking person’s version of a Muay Thai movie, with a little Japanese culture thrown in too.

If you’re in the US this film is streaming on Netflix at the moment and, compared to most of the mainstream martial arts movies available on there, this one is definitely a stand out.

For a film that fell well under the radar of most people, I’m thoroughly impressed.

Must watch


A Fight for Freedom - Thai Prison Fights

Sikhio, Thailand - In Thailand’s prison system, some inmates participate in fighting matches where the reward is their freedom.

In a story that dates to 1774, Thai fighter Nai Khanomtom found himself in a Burmese prison where he was forced to fight nine Burmese champions in a row for King Mangra. Khanomotom defeated every opponent and the Burmese king was so impressed that he granted his freedom along with two wives - giving birth to a tradition of pardoning outstanding fighters. 

Most of today’s fighting prisoners are neither famous nor legendary. They are commoners, unknown and widely disregarded by the outside world. They fight in tournaments called “Prison Fight”, put on by a Thai and Estonian partnership in conjunction with Thailand’s Department of Corrections.

Inmates battle foreign fighters in organised matches put on by Prison Fight, and those who win will receive money and have the opportunity to meet with the warden and have their sentence reduced. The more fights they win, the more time is taken off. An inmate is also expected to display good behaviour and personal development in addition to his fighting prowess. 

Many inmates are eager for the opportunity as each fight card is fully booked by the prisoners. The Thai prisoners win the majority of fights. 

Photos + Text: KC Ortiz Photo via Al Jazeera English

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The Black Egret is a species of bird that occupies African, coastal streams, rivers and flats. They use a unique and effective fishing strategy called Canopy Feeding. This is when they cloak their wings around Themselves to shade the water and entice fish into their seemingly safe shade.

Best fisher out there